Monday, January 6, 2014

52 Ancestors 52 weeks challenge

I started this blog about 2 & a half years ago & stopped with only one post. I enjoy genealogy & reading blogs, but am not very good about posting to one. This week, one of the genealogy blogs I regularly read posted about a challenge for 2014 another genealogy blogger had started on their blog ( The title of the challenge was 52 weeks, 52 ancestors with the goal to post one story/article/photo or what have you about a specific ancestor each week for the entire year. I thought this was a great idea so I'm taking the challenge. I've been researching for 17-18 years now & although I find new things about various family lines from time to time, I have very few brick walls that I can really get very much farther along on. I continue to plug away at them year after year. I trace friends & collateral family members' family trees just for the sake of still being able to pursue my love of family history. (Most of my lines are well documented). I volunteer my time online in the FamilySearch Genealogy Resource Communities on Facebook. I know about this relative & that. I've done a family history book for my mother's relatives, but I feel I still have things I want to share. So when I learned about this challenge, I decided it was a great way to share what I know because the information about these ancestors, these people who came before, doesn't belong to just me.


  1. "the information about these ancestors, these people who came before, doesn't belong to just me." I love that!!! Can't wait to read about your 52!

  2. Please contact me at about Turnipseed in Hamilton County, Texas.